Website Design

What is the most important aspect for a business website that is designed to attract customers? A business website should present as being clean and professional to earn confidence in prospective customers demonstrating that the business is professional and "does things right". Potential customers arriving at a business web site should be able to easily locate relevant information about the business products and services. An online website for your business must be a website that works for your business.

Contact information should be readily available and easy for prospective new clients to use. Care should be taken in designing a business website to ensure that web page load times are minimal and cater to visitors who may be accessing the website via slower Internet connections or data restrictive ISP plans. Room for future website expansion should also be an important consideration. Even if all your business requires at present is a brochure style website detailing the business products and services, future online requirements usually change.

Modular style content management website systems such as Drupal and Joomla! are excellent base packages to begin a business website as future expansion and growth may easily be incorporated due to the modular design of these excellent website packages. Features such as blogs, e-commerce, newsletters, user access control, image slideshows, comments, forums, additional language support, visitor tracking and monitoring can easily be added when required. Entire new themes can be installed while leaving existing content in place or subtle theme changes at any time can be implemented without major disruption to your entire business website.

It is extremely important that potential customers, and existing customers for that matter, find your site. From experience I believe the most effective method of achieving new visitors and new business from your website is organic search engine ranking. Having a website listed on page 1 of major search engines is sure to create activity. Achieving page 1 listings for your business website requires quality, relevant content about your business which is tailored for the products and services you offer in the locations your business operates.

Achieving page 1 search results listing for your business website requires monitoring to ensure your content reflects the products and services your business offers, presented in formats your potential clients are using to seek products and services within your industry and your areas of operation. It is always extremely satisfying after carefully putting together a quality Drupal website to begin seeing page 1 results on major search engines in the first weeks. Careful monitoring and further website development consolidates these results over time and brings new business to your door.

Contact us to get your website in front of more customers.

Contact us to get your website in front of more customers.